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Sugar Wax


Discover smooth, flawless skin with Real Simple Beauty's Waxing Services. Our experienced technicians offer a variety of waxing options to suit your needs, from gentle facial waxing to comprehensive body treatments. Using high-quality, skin-friendly products, we ensure a comfortable and effective experience. Check out our competitive pricing below and let us help you achieve silky, hair-free skin with ease.

Waxing Services

Eyebrow $8
Upper Lip $7
Chin or Sideburns $9
Forehead $9
Underarm $15
Half Arm $20

Full Arm $35
Half Leg $20

Full Leg $40
Toes or Fingers $6
Whole Face $36
Chest $45
Back $45
Bikini $20
Brazilian Bikini $47
Stomach $12

Other Services

Ear Candle Therapy $35

Ear Piercing $20

Eyelash Perm $3o

Eyebrow Perm $30
Eyebrow Tint $15

Mole Removal...consultation

Back Rub (10 mins) $10

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